Manufacturing Facilities

We manufacture standard as well as custom made FIBCs in our modern state of art manufacturing facility with latest techniques possible. Our in-house lab is completely equipped with high end testing machines required to tests all aspects of FIBCs to the extremes. Our production facility is highly focussed on making quality products which is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Tape Plant

Our Lohia make tape plant is one the best tape plant available. It is completely automated and equipped with latest technology. The plant is also attached with a fabrilitting machine which eables us to make all the possible denier of tapes as well as fabrilited tapes.

Loom Department

  • Circular Loom

    Ultra sonic center sealing devices are installed in our looms. These slithers cut & seal the fabric at the same time. It gives a clean cut and seal both the edges which eliminates the problem of fraying of tapes.

    We make tubular fabric on our 8 shuttle looms by Lohia, these looms are designed for specially making higher GSM fabric best suited for quality Fibc’s.

  • Flat Loom

    We boat 40 Sulzer loom which are engaged in making various types of fine quality fabric. The quality of weave of flat loom is unparalleled.


Our lamination machine is well maintained and equipped with the latest modern technology which enables us to control the even lamination of the fabric and the bonding is inseparable.

Manufacturing Facility

  • Needle Loom
    These are latest high speed and efficient needle looms with 4 heads which can make webbing and ties from 10mm to 100mm. It also makes webbing with cunductive tapes for C type bags.
  • Twisting Machine
    We are equipped with our own yarn (tape) twisting machine which can cater to all the needs of the stitching yarns that would be required for Fibc

Cutting Department

Fabric Cutting Machine
  • This is 2.5 meter wide automatic (Hot Knife) cutting machine with auto O-Cut or X-Cut attachment, suitable for both circular and flat fabric it cuts the perfect size and edges are heat sealed which eliminates any chances of fraying of tapes.
  • X- Cut
  • O- Cut
  • Clean Cut
Webbing / Belt Cutting Machine

Our automatic loop cutting machines cuts the loops in perfect sizes as well as spot marking each belt which makes it easy for the stitchers at the time of sewing. Also it heat seals the edges of the belt completely to avoid fraying of tapes.

Printing Department

  • Our latest printing machine enables us to print 4 colour 2.5 meter length and 2 meter wide FIBC with ease as the machine is well equipped with all the auto feeding and drying arrangement for flawless printing.