Stitching Machines
  • Our loop attachment machines JUKI is the worlds best sewing machine available for this operation, the loops attached can withstand load up to 2500 Kgs. Our skilled stitchers ensure perfection at all times.
  • Heracle
  • These Double Needle machines functions with two needles at the same time increasing the seam strength also saving time & energy.
Production Line

Quality is our first and foremost focus at our production level. We boast highly experienced supervisors who maintain a positive work flow with proper hygiene and cleanliness. All our stitchers work with complete dedication on each bag manufactured. All the bags in production are stacked on beds and floor discipline is strictly maintained.

Online Bag
Bag Cleaning

We practice dual cleaning process for all our bags. They are first cleaned in the dual suction bag cleaning system from inside. An ironised air is blow into the bags with full force so that all the dusts attracted with the static energy is also blow away.

  • Bag Folding
    We promote women empowerment, around 50% of our works force is women’s. Packing is a important area as all the bags have to be carefully checked and folded. We mainly have ladies staff in this department as they are highly efficient with their work.
  • Bag Inspection (Level -2)
    Thorough inspection is carried out for all the bags in our checking and quality controls department by fully trained personnel who check the bags in and out matching each and every specification of the bags. Which in turn enable us to ship error free bags to our valued customers.
Baling & Warehousing

High-pressure hydraulic food grade bale press that enables us to pack the bags into uniform flat top bales. The polypropylene surface helps in avoiding the wear and tear of the bags while applying pressure and also helps in avoiding contamination on the fabric surface that come in contact. These machines are also equipped with electronic counters for error free counting.

Bag Inspection (Level -2)
  • These bales are completely stretch-wrapped and covered from all sides. They are then secured by ropes on the certified wooden pallets absolutely flat from top which makes it easy to stack one bale on another.
  • Our warehouse is well organised, we use metal pallet racks to store our bales in a clean and moisture free environment. Organised warehouse make it very easy to identify and load the correct bales at the time of dispatch.